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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do You Need Cariboo?   YESSSSSSS!

If you are an SLP you MUST have the Cranium Cariboo game. If you are NOT familiar with this game you are in for a treat. Six small balls are placed in the three holes on the top of the game board. Children can label, match, do go- togethers or matches, answer questions . . .  almost anything you want. When the correct target is produced  the child uses a little key to open a door in the game. If there is a ball hidden under the door, it is placed in the hole in the tide pool. When all six balls have been placed in the tide pool, the treasure chest opens to reveal a large jewel. Kids never, never, never get tired of it so it is perfect for multiple repetition practice. 

My friend Kelly is having a Giveaway for a Cariboo game on her Blog "Speech 2 U" to celebrate her Blogiversary. 

How do you find pictures to use for communication that will fit this game? Visit my TPT storeI have 17 different packets to choose from.   

Click on the Custom Categories link for Cariboo Cards on the left of the page OR enter "Cariboo Cards" in the search box on my page on the right. There are packets for Opposites, Synonyms & Irregular Plural Nouns; /k/, /g/ & /f/; Early Vocabulary; /p/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /t/, & /d/;  Vocabulary for Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving; Final Consonant Deletion; Vocabulary for Winter, Valentine, Sports, and Christmas; Pronouns & Verbs; Early Syllable Shapes; and 5 bundles of cards that accompany can my Storybook Companions. 

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